Long-Term Shelters

Videos: Building a Wigwam; Historic Huguenot Street:This is a time lapse video of the construction of an absolutely stunning wigwam with thatch and bark covering. These folks definitely demonstrate they know what they’re doing and the finished shelter is a work of art- and also very functional. Primitive Shelter for 13; Roots School:  Not a …

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Winter Survival Shelters

Videos: Winter Survival: 15 Minute Shelter; Norwegian Bushcraft  This video demonstrates the construction of a snow shelter that takes little time. Good step by step demonstration. Winter Survival Shelter:  Willow Haven Outdoors  In this video, he demonstrates the use of pine trees in snow to construct a wind shelter and using enhanced walls.

Earth Lodge: Ways of the Earth

Shelters and Construction

Shelter comes first.  This page includes resources for the building of both long and short-term shelters. It’s a skill you learn so much by just doing it. It doesn’t take many nights of being cold or wet to learn, not only how important the skill is, but how to make yours more effective. There’s also …

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