Videos: Sling: Primitive Technology  A great video of start to finish of a cordage sling. Demonstrates throwing…and isn’t afraid to show himself failing! Shepherd’s Sling: Amazing Accuracy with Primitive Rock Ammunition:  Wanabe Bushcrafter:  Here we see what can be achieved with a year of dedicated practice. Some of the best parts of the video are …

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Tropical Survival Excursion

Hunting, Trapping and Weapons

There are wide range of weapons for hunting and protection. These resources include books, videos and articles on these various topics: Animal Traps Archery, Bows and Arrows Atl atl Bird Traps Bola Camouflage Fish Spears and Bows Fish Traps Slings Spears Stalking and Movement Throwing Stick  

Hickory Recurve Bow; Debbie Tremel

Bows, Arrows and Archery

This page contains resources for making bows and arrows, as well as information on traditional archery. Videos    Archery: Traditional Archery, proper form and release:  Walt Gigandet  A great instructional on proper technique for archery with primitive bow.    Bows: Traditional Bow Building, part 1:  Ancestral Knowledge Traditional Bow Building, part 2:  Ancestral Knowledge Primitive …

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