Fire Plow

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This video is good for seeing how the kit should be designed and how to make a fire with it. It doesn’t scan back though to see the form, but worth watching for the design information.




Videos: Bamboo Fire saw tutorial:  Hidden Florida  This demonstration uses modern tools, but gives a good step by step process to preparing the kit and making the fire. How to Survive in the Philippine Jungle: Matchless fire:  Roxy Madesto:  A demonstration by a native man, showing other variations of the bamboo fire saw. Articles: Photographs:  
    Cord Drill and Pump Drill  The good thing is that this is demonstrated using all natural tools. This design is slightly different than I’ve used since the cord is only held by the hands and not attached to a stick. He demonstrates that it works this way, but it makes me wonder how much you lose of the downward pressure achieved by having a stick to push down on to get the rotation.    
Videos: How to find and use fat wood:  SnaponJohn100  This isn’t the best quality video but has excellent information on how to recognize the appropriate trees and how to harvest fat wood, and also how to prepare and use. Fat wood can be a valuable tool for fire in wet conditions. How to build a concealed wilderness fire:  Prepper Advantage  In this video, he demonstrates the Dakota Fire Pit and how to make it a no-trace fire. I appreciated the care he took for the land as well. Articles: Photographs: