fire by friction

Hand drill in the snow

Hand Drill Fire

Videos Make a Hand Drill Fire:  Tom McElroy  Provides good instruction on form and technique. Hand Drill Fire: Joe Lau Hand Drill: A Love/Hate Relationship Part 1- Comprehensive treatment of Hand Drill Hand Drill Fire: Joe Lau Blisterless, Callousless (HD) Hand Drill method Part 2 Hand Drill Tips; Less Effort, More Coals: Roots School  Good …

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Bowdrill; Les Primitifs, Genevieve Lavoie

Bow Drill

Videos Bow Drill Fire, Proper Form:   Practical Primitive   A video focused on developing the proper form to make a bow drill fire. Perfect Bow Drill Notch:  Practical Primitive  Detailed information on the art of carving the perfect notch. Bow Drill Fire, Night Vision:  Practical Primitive   Bow-Drill Fire with Stone Tools- Tropical Survival; Caribbean Earth Skills …

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