The Thayer books are some of the best out there. They don’t try to do all plants, but focus intensely on the ones they do feature. Thayer teaches from a place of significant experience and provides excellent photographs, including different phases of their lives and when they are suitable for harvest. He includes detailed information on harvesting and preparing. 

North America - General
North America - General

Can’t praise this video enough. It really makes flintknapping accessible to everyone. When I moved from working glass for practice, to trying to knap stone, I was frustrated with so much waste and damage to the stone and not feeling like I was really understanding why I failed. This video will help you immediately see results and helps you understand how to work with the stone so you can learn a great deal on your own after this initial introduction. I keep hoping for a follow-up video to address common mistakes!


This book focuses on survival- all the basics you need to take care of your needs in the wilderness. There are detailed drawings and descriptions with each skill.