pages about specific survival skills

Long-Term Shelters

Videos: Building a Wigwam; Historic Huguenot Street:This is a time lapse video of the construction of an absolutely stunning wigwam with thatch and bark covering. These folks definitely demonstrate they know what they’re doing and the finished shelter is a work of art- and also very functional. Primitive Shelter for 13; Roots School:  Not a …

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Winter Survival Shelters

Videos: Winter Survival: 15 Minute Shelter; Norwegian Bushcraft  This video demonstrates the construction of a snow shelter that takes little time. Good step by step demonstration. Winter Survival Shelter:  Willow Haven Outdoors  In this video, he demonstrates the use of pine trees in snow to construct a wind shelter and using enhanced walls.


Video: Tracking: The Six Disciplines of Tracking: Primitive Skills:  This is a solid introduction to the various aspects of tracking from Maine Primitive Skills School. Animal Tracking from Prints: Woodland TV:  This video focuses identifying animal tracks from prints using toe numbers and placement, gait and size. Wildlife Tracking Basics: Fil T.  Starts with literally, how …

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