Hickory Recurve Bow; Debbie Tremel

Bows, Arrows and Archery

This page contains resources for making bows and arrows, as well as information on traditional archery.

Hickory bow, Debbie Tremel



Traditional Archery, proper form and release:  Walt Gigandet  A great instructional on proper technique for archery with primitive bow.


Traditional Bow Building, part 1:  Ancestral Knowledge

Traditional Bow Building, part 2:  Ancestral Knowledge

Primitive Wilderness Survival Bow Made in 30 minutes: Wanabe Bushcrafter:   This video demonstrates making a quickie survival bow using materials you would have in your go-bag. 


How to make a Primitive Arrow:  Native Survival  A good demonstration of the construction using nature materials and a knife, especially detailed on the fletching.

Bouncing Arrows- the extraordinary arrow type of the Uralic people; Ugri Archer  This is a fascinating video demonstrating the construction and use of a bouncing arrow used to hunt water fowl. 





How to make a Primitive Arrow, The Basics: Practical Self Reliance:  The article focuses on making bone arrowheads, straightening an arrow shaft and hafting the arrowhead. Good basic information.