Month: November 2020

Emergency Preparedness

   Hi, Since Tom did a class on preparedness, I have been thinking a lot about how to share my experiences with the tracker community. My husband and I have been “working” in the emergency preparedness field for over 25 years. We lost his knowledge with his death last year; he had studied the FEMA …

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Ham Radio License

Hiya Brothers, Heyya Sisters,  Now you all know We are Family, Grandfather’s Grandchildren, and knowing what we do – about the inevitable collapse, it would behoove us (as many as possible) to be able to ‘link up’/communicate, when the normal channels of communication aren’t working properly.  A number of Trackers, and Keepers, have acquired a …

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My Brothers and Sisters, Four days ago, Listening to EARTH, Listening to Spirit – through All of Life, There was this Clear, as Clear as Soul – KNOWing, release.  The EARTH, and All of CREATION, were Chiming Forth – with Joy.  You see, I knew what this meant.  No need to read the paper, watch t.v., follow …

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